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for fast-heating small heaters

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Platinum reveals a direct correlation between electrical resistance and temperature. The resistance of the material increases with rising temperature. The PT100 sensor takes advantage of this property.

Platinum has a high chemical resistance and is therefore an ideal temperature sensor in connection with our ceramic heating elements. The PT100 demonstrates a high degree of recurring accuracy, a wide measuring range, and impressive linearity. The PT100 sensor can be replaced easily.

Customized mounting

Our sophisticated ceramic processing methods allow individualized mounting that can meet specific customer needs perfectly. With the help of boreholes and a glue suitable for this purpose the assembly can be made according to specification. PT100 is excellently suitable for controlling miniature heating elements, especially at temperatures < 600 °C.

Additional accessories upon request

Thanks to our highly specialized suppliers, we are able to accept requests for the PT100 sensor in a wide variety of sizes.

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