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Comprehensive choice of additional parts for the installation in Your system.

Metal components

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Metal components


Planning and construction are our main areas of expertise. Your facility will reap the benefits from our many years of experience and innovation in manufacturing a wide variety of metal components for ready assembly and installation. Our qualified staff is eager to work in close collaboration with you so that our ceramic heating elements can be integrated seamlessly for optimal performance.

Molybdenum sheets

Throughout our long-term experience with molybdenum sheets in our in-house, high-vacuum soldering systems, we have found that they provide excellent insulation against radiation. This high-strength, tough and hard metal is excellently suited for metal assemblies designed for durability and long life. Molybdenum has a very high melting temperature and can therefore be used for our high-temperature heaters too. It is inert in high vacuum and easy to clean. The heat generated by our heating elements is reliably kept within the operating range by means of a multi-layered radiation sheet construction. This not only reduces the power output required but also the temperature at the retort exterior.

Our designs guarantee very quick assembly and start up as well as safety in the operation of our heating elements. Our engineers take pleasure in providing expertise whether it is in regard to the insulating layer or the assembly fixture itself.

Vacuum elements

Our highly skilled staff and optimized technologies guarantee that we are able to provide effective and prompt attention to our customer's needs while remaining committed to high quality at a fair price. Vacuum elements are an important part of high vacuum heating systems. That includes all components in vacuum-equipped facilities necessary for the assembly of vacuum lines. For example: flanges, seals, bushings and pipe components. The implementation of vacuum technology places high demands on both the selection of materials as well as the manufacturing of these components.

Additional accessories upon request

We have wide experiences with the combination of ceramic/metal joints. We are pleased to help you with the adequate choice of materials.

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