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Comprehensive choice of additional parts for the installation in Your system.

Ceramic components

without heating function

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Ceramic components


Cordierite is a silicate ceramic material. Cordierite parts are available as accessory items for our ceramic heating elements. We either acquire the finished cordierite components from outside suppliers or we machine the parts ourselves on the premises according to drawings. Further materials like aluminum oxide, an oxide ceramic material, are also pre-purchased, often in the form of small tubes or in other configurations.

Calcium silicate panels for use as thermal insulation panels can be made available too. They are electrically and thermally insulating, break-proof, and thermally stable at temperatures of up to 1 000 °C and higher. The material quality is selected on an individual basis.

On request we can also produce ceramic elements made of silicon nitride and aluminum nitride without the heating function. Such elements can be used as specimen holders, distance pins, or heat conduction devices for instance. Small production lots and prototypes are possible too. For special purposes silicon nitride panels are produced as heatsinks (see heating and cooling plates).

Customized mounting

The mounting of ceramic sockets is often made with the help of a sealing compound. Thanks to its high electrical insulation resistance, this compound is very suitable for grouting of delicate electrical and electronic assemblies and is temperature resistant. At temperatures of less than 400 °C, high temperature sealing enamels are also used for connecting to the heating element and serve as moisture protection too.

On request cordierite elements are provided with drill holes and slots and can in this manner be implemented as bushing, socket and insulating elements for instance.

For the use at operating temperatures of up to 500 °C, ceramic elements made of silicon nitride can also be soldered on. If the requested design can not be made in one piece, this is a good alternative. Please contact us for a custom-made solution to your specifications.

Additional accessories upon request

If the requested material is not available, we take pleasure in supporting you in your continuing search. Also you are welcome to order material for final assembly or processing.

Contact us.