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Radiant heaters

Radiant heaters

General description:

Heating elements made of silicon nitride are very suitable as radiation heaters. The almost black silicon nitride used for the heating elements is a long-wave infrared radiator with a maximum radiation emission (ε > 0.8) between 8 and 11 µm at 1 000 °C. Thus, a wide variety of materials can be heated effectively by radiation: Sheet metals to be selectively heated or held at temperature for subsequent re-forming processes, as well as plastics where the weld edges are to be melted for a subsequent sealing process. In addition, plastics can be selectively "glued", or sharp edges can be rounded or thermally deburred by radiant heat.

Basic values:

Parameter Value
Dimensions 260 x 84 x 5.0 mm
Heated area 210 x 84 x 5.0 mm
Tmax 1 000 °C




- surface as fired
* The actual power depends on resistance, temperature and voltage.

Parameter Value
Article no. FLE 100 480
Resistance @ 20 °C 40 Ω ±25 %
Nominal voltage 230 V
Nominal power @ 20 °C 1 322 W*